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The Usual Suspect



The Usual Suspect is a phrase used to describe people or things that are suspected or thought of in a particular situation. This collection is an extension of the ideas from our previous collection, but rather than playing with the idea of different sides, we’re focussing on the idea of stereotypes. Our initial ideas for this collection came from lost and found objects, cctv footage and anything that looks misplaced or suspicious.

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The Hankie-pink 02.jpg

The Hankie (pink)

The Hankie-beige 02.jpg

The Hankie (beige)

RING Stash-yellow 04.jpg

Stash Ring (yellow)

RING Stash-white 04.jpg

Stash Ring (white)

RING Heist-yellow 04.jpg

Heist Ring (yellow)

RING Heist-white 04.jpg

Heist Ring (white)

NECKLACE Snaffle 02.jpg

Snaffle Necklace

NECKLACE Pilfer 04.jpg

Pilfer Necklace