silver c.g. earrings

  • Special edition, purely handmade, a limit of 20 pieces.



    “Further exploration into the relationship between objects and people, there are more than they behold.

    With natural elements beheld in a part of the nature, it also held in part of our development as a species. 

    The connection between object, language and abstract thought, they create a meaning of existence.”

    (The purpose of special edition: Partial.)



    Material: Sterling silver with rhodium plated


    Size: One size (approx. W1.6cm x H4.6cm)

    Please remember to choose in pair or single piece only.

    Product includes: 

    An exclusive metal box, with specific engraved number of pieces out of 20. 

    A hand made pouches (specially designed to put the earrings separately, so it won’t clash. And necklace head and end separately, so it doesn’t tangle.)

    A polishing cloth.

    A after-care note.

    A limited transparent tote.



    P.s. Earring size, form and colour may vary, as everything is hand processed. Please take good care of the earrings, by placing it in the box or pouch when not wearing, and definitely read the "Things you must know?!" card, to learn how to take care of it.

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